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Infant Mortality Awareness Month

Infant Mortality Awareness Month seeks to builds solidarity around issue of infant mortality, it's many causes, and educates us about ways to address preventable causes of infant deaths. Additional Resources: […]

National Sexual Health Awareness Month

In September we promote access to positive/proactive sexual health resources and knowledge as a part of National Sexual Health Awareness Month. Additional Resources: Capital Women's Care - About Sexual Health […]

National Food Safety Education Month

National Food Safety Education Month seeks to educate the public on foodborne illness and how to keep our food safe. Additional Resources: U.S. FDA - About Food Safety Education Month […]

Black Infant Mortality Awareness Walk

Every year we bring together our community during Infant Mortality Awareness Month to focus on the disturbingly high national and local rates of mortality rates for black infants. We rally and organize a walk through the city that culminates in a celebration that raises funds for the free perinatal care that happens at Uzazi Village […]