Our aim is to engage in ancestral, somatic, and community based modalities of improving access within our urban communities to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We build community immunity through increasing access to growing spaces for food security and shifting to sustainable, organic, local, traditional, culturally appropriate, nutritionally dense foods.

Our Community Garden Projects in Perennial Progression

We seek to bridge our journey to reproductive justice and food sovereignty through providing our melanated birthing communities and all most affected by food insecurity with growing spaces in our community garden and food sovereignty sites to heal their relationship to the land and expand access to fresh, locally grown food, non-GMO seeds, soil, compost, and medicinal and culinary herbs and plants.

Through the Covid-19 crisis, we have sprouted a volunteer collective of black farmers, foragers, herbalists, and healers to skill share within our community, build mutual aid networks, and distribute foods for the body, mind and spirit from our Midwifery Perinatal Perennial Herb and Peace Garden through the Uzazi Village Apothecary. Our resident gardener, Rosie The Herbalist, offers classes, plants, and raised beds during planting season. Email for more information.


Midwifery and Perinatal Perennial Garden

Our Midwifery and Perinatal Perennial Garden provides gentle herbs for supporting conception, healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding support, and postpartum recovery.

Peace and Meditation Garden

Our Peace and Meditation Garden is a space amidst our fruit tree orchard that offers a natural sanctuary and green space for grounding practices.

We see this work as a continuation of a long lineage of ancestral agrarian stewardship in developing alternative, sustainable, and organic food systems to nourish and heal our own communities.



Grass to Garden Projects

We support family plots in our community garden and 20 families to build and care for home and community gardens in KCMO. We are centering Black, Indigenous, people of color, pregnant people, families with children, folks impacted by food apartheid, and survivors of mass incarceration.

Since the COVID-19 crisis arose, the number of interested families in our community base has quadrupled. With your support and solidarity, we will provide all of the materials and expertise needed for people to start growing their own essential foods and medicine. The demand for this project is very high and we are accepting donations to manifest this materials and labor for this project.

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