A doula is a professional labor support person, who is a trained expert at getting women through the process of labor and birth. Doulas support physiologic normal births and also attend births in a variety of settings. Doulas are trained to provide physical and emotional support and education.

The Uzazi Village Perinatal Doula Training $1,200

9-day course • 8-hour days
Payment plans available

Training In:

• Birth/Postpartum Doula
• Childbirth Educator
• Sexual and Reproductive Health Counselor
• Breastfeeding Peer Counselor


Completion requirements:


Attend all 9 training sessions


Read three books of your choice on the topics of birth, breastfeeding, and doula work and complete a book review


Receive a passing grade on exam for reach of the training sessions


Complete a teaching demonstration

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Uzazi Village trained doulas have formed doula collectives to support families in their communities.

Contact Uzazi Village for more information or to sign up for doula training

4232 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64110  •  (816) 541-3718

Missouri (MO)

Columbia MO

Mid-Missouri Black Doula Collective

Contact: Erica Dickson


Kansas (KS)

Lawrence KS

Success By Six

Doulas of Douglas County

Contact: Traci Dotson


Wichita KS

Wichita Birth Society

Neighborhood Doula Advocates

Contact: Sapphire Garcia Lies


Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma City OK

For the Village

Contact: Farah Antoine-Mayberry


New Jersey (NJ)

Trenton NJ

Children’s Futures

Trenton Community Doula Program

Contact: Sonya Boone


Camden NJ

Community Doulas of South Jersey

Contact: Jodi Green


Newark NJ

SPAN Advocacy

Sister to Sister Community Doulas of Essex County

Contact: Rachel Ruel