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Accelerated Doula Course

This content is specifically crafted for Doulas. It is tailored for those who have successfully finished our training program within the past five years. Moreover, it’s not only limited to our alumni, but also extends to Doulas who have undergone doula training with a partner organization. This provides Doulas from different training backgrounds an opportunity to benefit from our offerings. Our aim is to be inclusive and comprehensive, ensuring every Doula gets the support and resources they need to excel.

Refresher Course

Learn On the Go

Upon registering, doulas will be given a 30-day window to fulfill the necessary requirements. If they fail to complete these tasks within the given time frame, they will be required to attend the next complete doula training session to take the course. At this time, participants will have a 60-day period to earn their certification with an additional fee.

Doula Certification Refresher Training Course

Birth & Postpartum

Class overview

This section covers the basics of birth and postpartum doula.  We cover the role and responsibilities of the doula, basic medical terminology, reproductive anatomy and physiology, professionalism of the doula, fundamentals of labor and delivery, postpartum care, perinatal mood disorders and perinatal loss. After completing this section, candidates will understand the fundamental role of the birth and postpartum doula. We also delve into the issue of health equity and what culturally congruent care looks like. 

Childbirth Education

Class overview

This section covers the basics of how to create a lesson plan for your childbirth course; from determining the appropriate audience for your course to creating an evaluation of learning. This class details how to write an introduction, goals and objectives, content sections, appropriate teaching strategies and teaching tools, and measures of evaluation. The content includes an overview of learning styles, learning domains and classroom management. Participants completing the class should be able to plan and execute a childbirth education class. 


Class overview

The lactation section covers the basics of breastfeeding and management of lactation in the first few days after delivery. The course covers anatomy and physiology of the breast, biochemistry of breastmilk, neonatal oral physiology, as well as the cultural and social considerations surrounding the practice of breastfeeding. Candidates completing the course will be able to assist with basic management and troubleshooting of early breastfeeding including latch, suck, milk transfer, positioning, and breast care. 

Reproductive & Sexual Health

Class overview

The section on sexual and reproductive health covers a wide breadth of topics including reproductive anatomy and physiology, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptive methods, sexual behavior and language, and reproductive practice, policy and law. This section is designed to give the participant a high-level view of how behavior impacts health and includes the topics of choice, consent and confidentiality.
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Accelerated Certification Process

Register online

If you meet the requirements and you’re ready to start the Accelerated Doula Refresher Course, register here.

Submit required documents

Begin the course by submitting your Certificate and current American Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR card to

Secure your spot

After registration, participants will be billed via and receive an email invoice for course payment.

Virtual learning

Access will be given to the virtual learner with 30 days to complete.

Take Exam

Uzazi Village conducts in-person and virtual exams for all learners every third Saturday from 10am-12pm, with virtual exams for learners outside the KCMO area.

Complete Certification

Final Step: Submit all documents from the Certification checklist.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to participant in the Accelerated Doula Course, who do I contact?

Certification Coordinator: Sierra Gordon – Email:

How long is the Accelerated Doula Certification Course?

The Accelerated Doula Certification Course is employed for the certification process. This method costs $250.00 and provides a 30-day window to finish the required coursework. The certification tests are organized on a monthly basis. You have a 60-day to complete the certification process. For prerequisite details, refer to the main certification page.

What documents will I need to provide for certification?

You will sign the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice, submit a resource book specific to your community, essay, two prenatal visits and complete assessments, labor and birth summary, two postpartum visits, client and self evaluation.

When do I receive my official Doula certification?

Acquiring a doula certification is a noteworthy milestone. This official certification empowers you to append the abbreviations CD and/or CPD to your name, typically within a 14-30 day period post completion of all requisite tasks. Consequently, individuals may approach you with inquiries specifically directed towards certified doulas.

When do I need to re-certify?

Every five years from the date of your certifitcate.


“Great space & experience among powerful black women who passionately care about women and their community.”

Lisa Benson Cooper

“I love the afforable classes they offer. Very friendly!”

Veronica Ta-Titania Woods

“Great community of professionals for those wanting to learn about perinatal care and how to reduce infant mortality.”

Merlon Ragland