Uzazi Village is a nonprofit organization dedicated to decreasing maternal and infant health inequity among Black and Brown communities. Through equitable research Uzazi Village works to study and report on perinatal health in the Kansas City community and around the country.


The Role of Culturally Congruent Community-based Doula Services in Improving Key Birth Outcomes in Kansas City

this study collects and interprets data gathered from Uzazi Village’s Village Doula Program from the years 2012 through 2022. The study compares birthing data between individuals who gave birth with the support of Uzazi Village Doulas with data from individuals who did not in the Kansas City Metro Area. This data uses information reported from the Kansas City Missouri Health Deaprtment as well as statewide birthing statistics.

Medicaid Reimbursement for Doula services: Definitions and Policy Considerations

Voices of Black Mothers: The Baby-Friendly Experience


Qualitative study researching Black women’s experience and feelings about their breastfeeding support in Baby-Friendly hospitals. This research project involved 6 focus groups with Black women from around the state of Missouri regarding their experience of Missouri Baby-Friendly hospitals.

Voices of Black Mothers: The Baby-Friendly Experience Fact Report

Voices of Black Mothers: The Baby-Friendly Experience Report Out

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