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DocuCourse: Pregnancy & Prejudice

Human Rights Film Festival at Morehouse College.  ~Atlanta, Georgia 

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KC Together: New Media for Our City, Our Stories

Hakima Tafunzi Payne, known to her community as Mama Hakima, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Uzazi Village, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating health outcome disparities in perinatal health in African American communities. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing Education and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing Education. Hakima speaks nationally on the topic of Black perinatal health inequities.

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EBB 278: Creating an Innovative, Afrocentric Model of Prenatal Care with Hakima Payne, Founder and Executive Director of Uzazi Village

Have you heard about @ebbirth? Do you know that they have an amazing evidence-based podcast to educate and inform birthing persons and birth professionals? On this episode of the EBB podcast, Hakima Payne, founder and executive director of Uzazi Village, talks about her creation of the Village Circle, an innovative Afrocentric model of prenatal and postpartum care. The episode is #278 and you can also check it out on to read the transcript.

Birthing Battle | Labor Pains

A Mother's Story It was a sweltering summer day when Izula Jade, who was about six weeks pregnant, felt sick.  This nausea and pain were familiar, like the two ectopic pregnancies she’d had before, wherein she lost her babies. So she sought help from Hakima...

“Voices of Black Mothers: The Baby Friendly Experience”

Normalize Breastfeeding by Vanessa Simmons Vanessa Simmons, mother of 3, artist, and advocate, is speaking out to eliminate the taboo of public breastfeeding in our modern society. She interviews guests about their experiences, advocacy, and activism in the community...

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