Our Village Doulas are certified pregnancy support professionals specialized through Uzazi Village’s Perinatal Doula Training Course as well as in their own individual areas of focus.  

Village Doulas are available specifically for care participants enrolled for care in the Ida Mae Patterson Center for Maternal and Infant Wellness.


A doula is a professional labor support person, who is a trained expert at getting women through the process of labor and birth. Doulas support physiologic normal births and also attend births in a variety of settings. Doulas are trained to provide physical and emotional support and education.

    Arrin     Blount

Arrin Blount

Village Doula

       Atira        Cole

Atira Cole

Village Doula

Rochelle Evans

Rochelle Evans

Village Doula

   Sierra   Yancey

Sierra Yancey

Village Doula

Ruth McCleery

Ruth McCleery

Village Doula

       Delia        Pearl

Delia Pearl

Village Doula

Christian King

Christian King

Senior Village Doula

  Daysha   Lewis

Daysha Lewis

Village Doula

4232 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64110  •  (816) 541-3718

My name is Arrin and I am the mother to two beautiful Goddesses Anastasia 5, Emberleigh 3. My passion in life is to break and prevent generational curses. To make purpose popular. So much so I created a platform for children. My mission is to provide children with the tools, needed to build positive self-imagery as they grow. After all today children, is tomorrow leaders. Social conditioning has stunned a lot of our children’s grow and potential in life! I needed to find a way to stop that. Boom that’s been figured out. Now how could I prevent things like this from happening? Even if it’s a small but very IMPACTFUL percentage? Where does a lot of the way we live or view the world begins at? It begins the moment we enter this 3D realm duhhh. A realm we call birth. If I can help change the way women and their families views birth, I’m all for it. I need them to know birth is very doulable. Me teaching other mommies tools to advocate for themselves during a very sacred moment in life, is vital. Those same tools can be used in everyday life situations. The same tools can be passed down to other generations. Preventing generational curses from occurring. Empowering women is my new found passion, we’re an essential part in the genesis of life.

My name is Atira and I am a Kansas City native who is passionate about everything birth, public health, and prevention! I came to Uzazi through an internship sponsored by UMKC, where I recently received my bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences! I’ve always been interested in caring for women during their pregnancies and began school as a pre-med major, with the plan to become an OB/GYN. At UMKC is where I became radicalized in a sense of the way that I approached and viewed birth. Birth is a beautiful, magical, and natural experience which is the way that it should be regardless of setting — but not every mother has been able to experience that, which really pains me. So, I believe in mom’s being informed of every single option and choice they have available, creating a game plan, and empowering them to be unwavering in their desires and goals for birth. Dominating through your birth plan helps you take back your autonomy, stand firm, and experience the birth you desire.

Certifications: Certifications: Trained Birth + Postpartum Doula, Trained sexual + reproductive health peer counselor, trained childbirth educator, trained breastfeeding peer counselor. BLS CPR/AED, Infant + Toddler CPR/First Aid/AED

Rochelle is owner and founder of Exalted Remedies Healing. Her mission is to connect all, especially People of Culture, to their divine potential and healing, so that they may live in their purpose and power, beyond all limitations. Her work is centered around her family, including her partner of 8 years, Morrell, their 4 year old son, Morrell II and their 3 fur babies, Riddick, Demo and Mekka.

Rochelle was called to birth work as a child, mothering her siblings and supporting friends through pregnancy, birth and loss.

When she became pregnant, she realized there was a name for this role. Through her own research during her pregnancy, she became even more aware of the disparities we face while trying to bring our children earth side safely. Rochelle discovered Uzazi’s Sister Doula program and was inspired. After four years, despite her 50 hour work week, she finally enrolled. During training, she was laid off and immediately recognized the divine timing and that she was right where she was meant to be.

Rochelle wants you to see yourself in your care. She is dedicated to empowering your family in attaining the birth and postpartum experience you deserve. She believes birth is sacred, and standing at the veil, the highest honor. Rochelle is also a certified Reiki Master.

My name is Sierra, and I’m Your Fairy Doula.

Birthwork has been handed down from my ancestors and reached out and grabbed me.
I am an Uzazi Village trained Doula working on completing my certification by the end of 2020.
I am a black birth worker, a Disnerd as I like to call myself, a supporter of the arts, a dancer, a
mother, a fiance, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, an aunt, I am
a future black midwife!

Birthwork is my true joy in life. It is the role most precious to me. I came to Uzazi in August
2020 because I knew this was a place of growth for our community and I just had to be a part of
it. My mother, my best friend passed away unexpectedly in 2019 and I truly feel she guided me
here to continue my education and to be an essential part of changing the culture surrounding
black moms and families. My passion about changing the culture comes from a need to find a
solution. The best way I can see to help my community, my family, my friends is to help be there
during the most crucial times in a family's life. To be that education they may not have, the voice
that they may need.

I believe that I am an extension of the birthing person. Whether you need emotional support,
physical support or just reassurance, I am here to be your guiding light, the familiar face,
cheering you on and helping to make your birth dreams come true, sprinkling your birth journey
with Faith in yourself, Trust in yourself and a little bit of my own Fairy Dust (EMPOWERMENT!!!)

My name is Ruth McCleery I am a doula and love experiencing life to the fullest. I have a passion to help women empowering them to be the best versions of themselves.

Praise Him! I’m Delia Pearl, a mother of six beautiful little expressions of myself 4 girls and 3 boys and a bonus son! Ever since I was 10 years old I had a passion and a desire to become a midwife for mothers that might be overlooked due to their economic status or lack of education or support given by their surrounding healthcare providers. It all stemmed from learning that a older brother of mine in Cuba had a disability in his legs due to the lack of education the medical staff had about breached babies. I vowed to myself that I would never let that happen again to another person.

I later learned that my journey to becoming a Midwife started with learning and serving as a Doula. My OB/ Great Friend Dr. Mualik introduce me to Uzazi Village and Mama Hakima and that’s when my dreams started to become my reality.
I believe that childbirth is the rewarding result of being blessed to carry human life in your womb. The Journey should be filled with knowledge, power, love and lots of laughter no matter what your circumstance or social status is. I just want to bring ‘ big sister vibes’  and enjoy this journey with you!

My name is Christian King. I am the mother of three children, a community health worker, substitute teacher and currently pursuing a degree in History for Secondary Education. I am a native of Kansas CIty, MO and I enjoy traveling, gathering with friends and family, baking, educating, and trying new foods. My interest in becoming a doula came after developing Gestational Hypertension that progressed to Preeclampsia. I was not aware of how sick I was and how dangerous the condition is. I spent almost two weeks admitted in the hospital, most of the time alone. My daughter was born as a late term preemie, spending 1 week in the NICU. Once I learned how sick I really was, I decided to help other Moms to never be unaware and alone. I became a SIster Doula after learning how little my community knew about their rights and options, the degree of inequalities and biases faced, the large margin in which our women and babies die, and how many women just lack support. I believe women should be loaded with knowledge and feel so much love, support, and empowerment that she is able to create the ideal image for her birth experience, including cases of emergency. I believe that women should not feel alone after having a baby or when dealing with loss. I contribute to a birth knowledge, empowerment, a peaceful and serene environment, and hands on support when needed. Women should be able to always make informed decisions when it comes to themselves and their babies. I am passionate about birth and understanding how babies and our bodies work together during labor and delivery. I believe that understanding this can help reduce C-Sections and help women change the way we receive medical care.

My philosophy about birth is being knowledgeable to make informed decisions about your birth experience, being empowered enough to advocate for yourself, and creating a birthing environment suitable and comfortable to create the most calming and controlled journey to your baby’s journey earthside.

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My name is Daysha Lewis! I’ve been married for ten years with four children — two boys ages 11 and 6 — and two girls ages 5 and 2. In addition to being a Village Doula with Uzazi Village, I am a Parent Educator with Start At Zero. My life’s mission is to educate, empower, and advocate.

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